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Enigma Machines.
RF Design and Amateur Radio Related Programs.
Yahoo! Widgets.

Timekeeper - with Dean Beedell

This is a web version of our Steampunk Orrery Calendar Clock Widget.

The calendar ring rotates by mouse control; the date displays according to ring position.
The inner earth and moon rotate, the moon around the earth, the earth rotating around
the central glow, following the track of the window circular frame.
The inner wheel, with lots of bolts, rotates as the main calendar ring rotates.

Direct Link

Steampunk Clock - with Dean Beedell

This is a web version of the Steampunk Clock Widget.

Direct Link

New Icon Clock - with Dean Beedell

This is a web version of the New Icon Clock Widget.

Direct Link

Wiring Calculator

This is a web version of the Wiring Calculator Widget.

Direct Link or download the files for local use in your browser.

Pendulum Simulation

This is a simple example of a web widget.

Pendulum Simulation.

Drawing Ellipses Using a Shear Transformation

This is a demonstration of using a shear transformation to draw ellipses.
It is based on a paper by Nathan Dinsmore.

Drawing Ellipses.

Modifier Key Emulation

On-screen modifier keys are useful on tablet computers that do not provide them in their on-screen keyboards.

Modifier Key Emulation.




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