Narrowboat Elektra

Elektra from the stern

Elektra from the bow

Elektra is 57ft (17.4m) long and 6ft 10in (2.08m) wide.

The shell was built by Jonathan Wilson and the boat was fitted out by Louis and Joshua Boatbuilders Ltd. in 2001.

It is a gas free boat, powered by a 30bhp Beta Marine PropGen diesel engine which can also generate up to 11kVA of electric power at 230V. Cooking is all-electric.

The PropGen is an encapsulated engine which is installed under the bed in the aft cabin.

From a mechanical and electrical viewpoint, Elektra is very similar to Whisper on which it is broadly based.

Here are some pictures of Elektra taken during its construction.

External Views
Internal Views
Engine and Transmission
Central Heating
The (Almost) Finished Exterior
The Finished Interior

Last Updated 16 June, 2018.